Chamber music summer school
Patron: Trevor Pinnock CBE
Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, Berkshire 14–21 August 2022


Baroque Week has the use of an extensive library of nearly 3000 works in both modern and facsimile editions, ranging from trios, quartets and quintets to concerti grossi, built up by former Course Director Peter Collier, and expanding yearly. A catalogue is available below. There will also be a computer and printer at the course to print suitable music that we have downloaded in advance or from internet searches.

For singers, we suggest you plan repertoire in advance for at least 2–3 sessions, using either your own music (bringing scores and instrumental parts with you) or music from the course library, so that you know what obbligato and continuo instruments you will need. Then for the other sessions see what instrumentalists are available during the week and find music to fit the grouping, being prepared to sight-read if necessary. Instrumentalists — please do invite singers for sessions, rather than leaving the singers to organise instrumentalists for every session!

“I have never seen such a huge, useful library”

This year’s theme

This year we will be featuring music from 17th & 18th Century Germany and by composers who visited Germany and were influenced by the German style.

However the ethos of Baroque Week remains predominantly a chamber music course, where everyone can decide for themselves what they want to do. Therefore whilst we encourage you to explore this year’s theme you are free to choose any baroque music, from any country, for your chamber music groups. We do ask that chamber groups for sessions 2 and 4 each day are a minimum of four people (e.g. a trio sonata; or a singer/obbligato instrument/continuo team) otherwise there may not be enough continuo players/instruments to go around.

“I found the prospect of organising my own sessions overwhelming at first but soon got used to it.”


Each playing room has one or more harpsichords, spinets or chamber organs. We are grateful to those who bring their own keyboard instruments and tune them daily, who get a £50 discount. The remainder belong to the tutors, or have been hired.

Library catalogue

Combined instrumental library by composer
Combined instrumental library by instruments
Combined vocal library by composer
Combined vocal library by voices
Tutors: Theresa Caudle (Artistic Director), Clare Beesley, Zoë Cartlidge, Steven Devine, Satoko Doi-Luck, Jacob Garside, Tom Hammond-Davies, Rebecca Miles, Alice Poppleton, Linda Sayce, Kate Semmens.
Registered Charity No. 1161774